What She Said: The Art of Pauline Kael

Reading her as a young person in the 1980s, when I had begun making my own movies, Pauline’s passion and insight amazed me. It was like listening to a pop song that you immediately loved, and wanted to hear more of. When I set out to make WHAT SHE SAID, I hoped to create in the audience the same excitement and urgency that I first felt in her writing.  Now that the movie is done, I hope I brought her alive onscreen. I tried to show both her great strengths and some of her deep faults.

Discovering what made Pauline tick as a person, her struggle in life, and how she forged her distinctive writing voice are all things I learned along the way in making this movie. And I think what she wrote, and said, is as exciting  today as it was then. The movies and the culture may have changed, but like any great artist or writer, Pauline lives on through her work.